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Pewaukee, Wi

Pewaukee, Wi

Pewaukee, WiPewaukee, WiPewaukee, Wi

Head Shape Matters Haircutting System

Head Shape Matters is a Patented Haircutting System created by Kim Weaver Moore.  HSM allows stylists to offer our clients customized looks based on their individual head shape.  With each haircut, we consult and analyze their likes, dislikes and areas of struggle to better suit the desired look.   We offer several ways to learn this system which will give you the understanding of how hair will fall and react on different head shapes, giving us the ability to formulate the best option for our clients.

 I have the privilege of being the Director of Online Education as well as a Lead Educator for the HSM System; I started my HSM journey back in Feb. of 2015 where I attended my first certification and it was career changing!! I felt  l was able to gather years of experience and knowledge about haircutting theory within days vs years.  After certification, I decided I wanted  to be more involved  and grow with this amazing company.  Shortly after, I went back for my second certification and auditioned to become an educator  and the rest is history.  I now am connected to  stylists  from all over the world  helping grow  this industry we all love.  

Ways to Learn HSM


1 Day Long Layer Class

In this one day class we will discuss the 5 most common challenges of cutting long layers.  We break down traditional haircutting techniques, problem solve  and implement new ways to strengthen your long layered haircutting.  


12 Week Online Course

For 12 Weeks you get to work at your own pace and learn the entire Head Shape Matters Cutting System in the comfort of your own home.  You will also have access to the private Facebook page giving you additional support and material.  We have Educators scheduled to check submitted work and answer any questions you may have and support you along the way. 


4 Day Certification

  At Head Shape Matters 4 Day Certification we are HANDS-ON! We dig right into the entire system. HSM takes the guesswork out of haircutting by giving you the knowledge to understand how hair will react based on multiple variables such as head shape, length of hair and projection angles. We break down the steps to create a formulated haircut using  math to help us give our clients customized tailored looks. HSM will up your haircutting game  and have you look at haircutting in a whole new way!!